Airport Check-In
When can I check-in for my flight?
Check-in begins 4 hours prior to departure at the Afriqiyah UK counters. Customers are to note that the check-in counters close at least an hour and thirty minutes before departure.

Do I need to check-in at the airport?
Yes. You must check-in at the airport with your luggage to receive your boarding pass and baggage tags for your flight. You will also be required to present your passport and valid visa at the Afriqiyah UK check-in counter.
Airport Information
Where can I find information on where Afriqiyah UK is located at my departing airport?
You can find flight information on the flight information screens located at vantage points in your departing airport. Also such information can be obtained from information desks in the departure terminal.

How many bags am I allowed to check in when traveling internationally?
Each business class passenger is allowed to check-in two (2) pieces of luggage each of which should not exceed 32 kg (64 kg total).

The economy class passenger is allowed to check-in two (2) pieces of luggage each not exceeding 23 kg (46 kg total).

Travellers carrying infants are allowed to check one stroller/carriage in the cargo hold along with a small infant care bag that contains items necessary for taking care of the infant during the flight.

How many bags am I allowed to carry-on?
Each ticketed customer is allowed one (1) carry-on bag.

In addition to the checked luggage, each business class customer is allowed one carry-on bag not exceeding 10 kg.

The economy class passenger is allowed one carry-on bag not exceeding 8 kg.

What happens if my luggage exceeds the allowable limit?
There is a 15 USD or 8 GBP or 10 EURO fee charged for each additional kilogramme of luggage carried.

What is Afriqiyah UK' liability when transporting baggage?
For the loss of, damage to, or delay in delivery of baggage, liability is limited and is subject to proof of claim. Afriqiyah UK is not responsible for certain items in checked or unchecked baggage including, but not limited to, money, jewellery, medication, electronic or photographic equipment and similar valuables. Afriqiyah UK does not assume liability for normal wear and tear.

How do I report a baggage claim?
Notice of missing baggage, damage, or pilferage of checked baggage must be given to Afriqiyah UK at the airport within 4 hours of the arrival of your flight.

Boarding Passes
Boarding passes can only be obtained at the Afriqiyah UK ticket counter on the day of departure.

Can I print my boarding passes online before I go to the airport?
No, currently Afriqiyah UK does not offer the option for customers to print boarding passes online before the flight.

Cabin Classes
What is the difference between Afriqiyah UK Business Class Offering and Standard Economy Class service?
Economy Business
Seat Pitch 34 Inches 59 Inches
In-flight Service Standard Variety
Airport Lounges Standard Priority
Check-in Standard Priority
Baggage Allowance 46 kg 64 kg

Can I pay for my reservation with cash or cheque?
Afriqiyah UK accepts cash only as payment. Afriqiyah UK does NOT accept cheques as a form of payment currently.

Where do I pay for my ticket?
You can effect payment at the following locations:

Head-office (Accra)
Kotoka International Airport (Accra)
Skybreaks (Gatwick Airport - London)
Avcenta Airline Solutions (Dusseldorf International Airport - Germany)
Alternatively, you may purchase your ticket through your local travel agency.

Credit Cards
Does Afriqiyah UK accept any form of credit card payment?
No. Currently Afriqiyah UK does not accept credit card payments.

Why is my fare no longer available?
All fares quoted are for seats "currently" available and are only guaranteed once purchased. Additionally, with certain discounted fares, seats may be limited and other restrictions may apply. Fares are subject to change without notice.

In-flight Services
What type of in-flight service does Afriqiyah UK offer?
Business Class Services
Business class services include a wide comfortable seat with 59 inches of seat pitch, excellent in flight service, a selection of sumptuous meals and snacks with complimentary wines and liquors, 64 kg of checked baggage, 10 kg of hand baggage, speAfriqiyah UKl priority check in counters, and in select airports arrival and departure private lounge services including snacks, drinks, and showers.

Main Cabin Services
Main Cabin services include a comfortable seat with 34 inches of seat pitch a choice of meal selections, 46 kg or checked baggage, 8 kg of hand baggage, and excellent in flight services.

International Travel
What documentation is required when I travel internationally?
All customers travelling internationally are required to present proof of identity such as a valid government-issued photo ID and proof of citizenship such as a passport with a valid visa where required or other documentation such as a travel certificate at the Afriqiyah UK ticket counter.

It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they comply with all current documentation requirements.

Can I reserve seats and print boarding passes online if I am traveling to an international destination?
No. Your seat reservation and boarding pass issuance can be done on the day of departure at the Afriqiyah UK ticket counter.

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